More About Me

My journey to become a counsellor has been an experience and a knowledgeable one,

My experience in the dental field is vast, from working for over 20years as nurse, head nurse, to practice manager of a high end dental surgery in London, in general practice, to a maxilla facial oral surgery hospital unit for adults and children my experience is varied I have attended seminars and courses nationally and abroad. I can help people to gain confidence and help them to visit a dentist again after many years and various reasons that they find themselves unable to go, I help people during simple and more complex procedures, the therapy will help alleviate anxiety and improve pain thresholds, and a variety of other dental problems.

My own women’s health issues and a long rollercoaster of a fertility journey has given me personal knowledge and experience of this area, using my nursing qualifications as a base I chose to further my study’s a few years ago with psychotherapeutic counselling and hypnotherapy, I work at a family charity with a national helpline, where we provide a listening service, support and advice to the general public. As well as still studying in my final year to become a psychotherapist. My own journey over 10 years, many situations, professionals within the industry, people going through their own journey whom I have met and spent time with, also books I have read, and my studies, help me to offer you a positive and successful journey for you that can help you to be a happier and a more content you. Giving you the strength you need to deal with what cards you are dealt with in life.

Struggling with years of monthly, weekly , daily, problems that were debilitating I was diagnosed with endometriosis after struggling to conceive for a couple of years, a failed IVF due to male factor also led to a breakdown and divorce, A new relationship and then after two further complicated rollercoasters of IVF I finally got pregnant and had a little girl in early 2011, it was a nerve racking worrying pregnancy but after a complicated caesarean due to an unusual anatomy of myself, that was only discovered during the caesarean our adorable little girl arrived. After a couple of years of trying for a natural pregnancy not occurring I went down the investigative route again and had a very low AMH reading and was told I had a less than 5% chance of ever having another baby, but after life changes and a course of fertility drugs I became pregnant again and after a slightly more relaxed pregnancy gave birth early due to health issues to a little boy, our family is complete and we cherish how lucky we are. We did look at other options and routes to parenthood and would have considered other ways to become parents. We used complementary treatments and therapy and beliefs which I truly believe helped us get our successful outcomes and which is why I am dedicated to help others achieve wellbeing and happiness.