Anxiety, generalised anxiety disorders, stress, panic and phobias.

Therapy helps in many ways to manage and control anxiety and its associated disorders, which often become all-consuming and can affect rule your life in many ways, as a therapist with much experience in these areas working with clients for heightened anxiety that takes over, generalised anxiety, stress, worries, panic attacks, fears and phobias, and medical causes. I believe the sooner you gain help the sooner you can begin managing these symptoms. I work with clients with many different levels of these issues, some on medication some not, and those who are just at the beginning of feeling things mount, and have helped many overcome and change their day to day lives with the therapy I have provided, through people who refer themselves to me, or through Anxiety UK, GP’s and health workers.

Using different approaches with the integrative psychotherapeutic counselling I use, it helps you to gain an understanding and awareness of what you’re experiencing.  Exploring the build-up of thoughts and worries that mount, with therapy sessions then breaking these down and looking at these thoughts with a different perspective and outlook, you gain ways of managing and controlling these feelings and thoughts as they arise.

I work with you, giving you tasks to carry out at home in between our sessions so that you continue to build on overcoming these issues week to week- every person is an individual and I adapt the work we do together and the approaches I use specifically for you.  There are many tools and techniques you can learn that help you to begin controlling these thoughts and feelings gaining a grounding viewpoint that gains a holding of these thoughts so they lessen with time till eventually days and then weeks pass without having these anxious feeling and moments/times of panic, with the therapy I use your mind slowly  becomes clearer, more focused on the present and currents activities giving you a greater sense of being and control of your life back, over time you will gain an enduring affect with tools and techniques you can use in the future should you ever need to get on top of anxious feelings again.

Please look at counselling area and hypnotherapy area also as these give other types of information about how the therapy I provide can help you-

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