Women’s Health

Many health conditions women suffer from can be helped and be eased with the help of therapy aimed at your condition, whether you are suffering from a specific condition to the onset of menopause or post menopause learning to look after yourself is so important.

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Some conditions such as Pcos and endometriosis can be helped greatly with relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy.  Therapy can give you a place to discuss the affects these conditions have on your life and can enable you to learn coping strategies that enable you to live a better life.

Post natal depression can be so such a difficult thing to live with at very important time in life.  Counselling and hypnotherapy can help greatly with this helping you to understand the condition and regain strength and energy to build yourself up again,  so you can cope with the way you feel and the challenges you face for yourself, children and relationship, it can affect you long after the birth and getting the right help is so important.

Hormones affect women greatly and some of these such as pmt, mood swings, fatigue can all be helped with counselling and in particular hypnotherapy by using relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

Menopausal conditions can be helped also and have been proven to improve with hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques.

By controlling whatever condition you may be suffering from you can enrich your life, becoming more stable and content which in the demanding world we live in is so important.

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