Visualisation and imagery

Beautiful happy young pregnant woman girl outdoors with balloons on sky background with her hands upHypnosis and the holistic approach I Use incorporating counselling and psychotherapy, supports you at many stages throughout a fertility journey from natural conception, iui, to IVF the two week wait, pregnancy and birth to post pregnancy in your early days of motherhood. Helping you to imagine your body responding perfectly to each stage, deep relaxation, focus and acceptance for your journey helping aid so much including calmness and more meaningful sleep, connecting with your womb and baby.

I use mantras and affirmations and have many different approach and imagery/visualisations to use helping my clients to control their mind-body link- your mind does not know the difference between thoughts to actual experiences and it is very powerful in such emotional and difficult times.

Afirmations are sayings we repeat to ourselves that we wish to be true it can really have an impact on our emotions and how we ourselves feel—the meaning of affirmation is to steady and strengthen—
Some you could use are
“ I love myself, my body and I look after and cherish my body for all it does for me”
“ I can control my thoughts and emotions”
“ I believe it will happen and it will I have strength and an inner belief”
“I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts”- (Louise Hay)

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