Here are some testimonials from past clients

“Thank you for your treatment and support throughout the IVF, I truly believe it was a huge factor in our success. The support and also retraining of my thought process surrounding the whole IVF experience was invaluable and I can’t thank you enough for contributing to us receiving this amazing gift.”
LH Surrey Sept 2019

“I have been seeing Michelle for over a year now. I initially went to see her in the midst of a very stressful time in my life, and had started to experience anxiety which was very new and scary to me. Michelle has managed to help me to understand how to manage, and understand these feelings and why they happen – which has enabled me to talk myself out of potentially stressful situations using the techniques I have learnt. ”

“My work with Michelle totally transformed my experience while trying for our 2nd baby. With IVF, miscarriage and failed implantations as our journey until that point she helped me re-write my beliefs and hopes to have positivity at the core of everything, while also providing a much needed outlet for the grief and pain that I needed to feel. Michelle’s therapeutic input was a vital step on our journey to complete our family and I’m forever grateful to her for her support.”
JH Summer 19

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for working with me in the lead up to and throughout my pregnancy with her. It made a great difference to my journey to experience your supportive therapies.”

“Michelle has been such a pivotal part in my recovery from the loss of my first ivf baby, to my subsequent ivf pregnancy with our miracle twins. Her therapeutic support, kindness, and genuine care for me was invaluable during my darkest of times. She helped me to understand my body wasn’t letting me down and helped me to find an inner strength I didn’t know I had. I really believe that without seeing Michelle I would not be 7 months pregnant with my dream babies and happier than I’ve ever been”
AA Surrey 2018

“Over the last 9 months I have also been receiving natal care with Michelle to prepare me for my daughter being born. She has a calm and friendly attitude which has helped me no end”

“After experiencing a very traumatic journey following an ectopic pregnancy I found myself unable to cope with the world around me and the agony of possibly never having the opportunity to be a mum. Then I found Michelle. Michelle worked with me in many of her fantastic ways to bring me back to a place where I felt safe, happy and proud. From the grieving for the loss of my baby to being strong enough to start trying again, Michelle was my shining light that never went out.  Today I still use the techniques that Michelle taught me for coping with those tough times we come across in our walk of life. I am now a mum to 18 month old William and expecting my next baby in 2020”
J – Surrey

“ Such a warm and pleasant way about her, Michelle helps to put people at ease so they really feel they can open up and trust her, which is what clients need to feel supported and listened to”
T.P, Leatherhead

“I couldn’t of faced it or have carried on with my procedures and treatment if it wasn’t for the support and reassurance of Michelle throughout”
A Hall, London

“I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable with Michelle, she fits appointments in when they are convenient to me which makes life easier and less stressful. I felt I could totally open up and be honest about my past experiences and my feelings, I always felt I had to hold back with family and friends, so I feel a big weight has been lifted making me feel calmer and lighter. The mantras and relaxation techniques have helped calm me and I feel more confident. The whole experience has bee very positive and rewarding, I would highly recommend Michelle, she is a wonderful counsellor.”
KH Surrey

“I first saw Michelle at the start of the year following a traumatic experience in loosing my baby that I was carrying. I have now been under her care for four months in which time I have jumped huge hurdles and overcome some very difficult times. Michelle has provided me with the support and help that I needed and continue to need in progressing forward with my life. Michelle is very skilled in recognising what help you need and has tailored my sessions with her accordingly. I am confident that I will get to where I want to be with Michelle’s continued support.”
JT Surrey

“I now have a better understanding of myself and can control my emotions more, I no longer worry about what will be in the future as I live for now feeling content and happy, thanks to all the support Michelle has given me”
IL London

“Life is full of surprises our baby is here, the therapy we had certainly helped make it happen, against all the odds, thank you”
CM Surrey

Continuing Counselling and Therapies for current and longer term clients-. Availability for new and previous clients is opened up regularly at our clinics. We will follow the guidance of our professional bodies as to which method types can be used phone, online, walk and talk, face to face the natural environment’s we offer enable support and therapy to continue at a time when it is needed. Uncertainty and this unprecedented time we find ourselves in has impacted us all in some way. Our mental health is an important part of how we will cope through this and the future times ahead. The therapies offered are extra reduced to help those requiring it to access it helping adjustment and adaptability to our new usual. Please get in touch for support specifically or contact one of the many national supporting charities help and ways through this are there.
www.samaritans.org or call 116123

Much care and warmth

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