Here are some testimonials from past clients

“ Such a warm and pleasant way about her, Michelle helps to put people at ease so they really feel they can open up and trust her, which is what clients need to feel supported and listened to”
T.P, Leatherhead

“I couldn’t of faced it or have carried on with my procedures and treatment if it wasn’t for the support and reassurance of Michelle throughout”
A Hall, London

“I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable with Michelle, she fits appointments in when they are convenient to me which makes life easier and less stressful. I felt I could totally open up and be honest about my past experiences and my feelings, I always felt I had to hold back with family and friends, so I feel a big weight has been lifted making me feel calmer and lighter. The mantras and relaxation techniques have helped calm me and I feel more confident. The whole experience has bee very positive and rewarding, I would highly recommend Michelle, she is a wonderful counsellor.”
KH Surrey

“I first saw Michelle at the start of the year following a traumatic experience in loosing my baby that I was carrying. I have now been under her care for four months in which time I have jumped huge hurdles and overcome some very difficult times. Michelle has provided me with the support and help that I needed and continue to need in progressing forward with my life. Michelle is very skilled in recognising what help you need and has tailored my sessions with her accordingly. I am confident that I will get to where I want to be with Michelle’s continued support.”
JT Surrey

“I now have a better understanding of myself and can control my emotions more, I no longer worry about what will be in the future as I live for now feeling content and happy, thanks to all the support Michelle has given me”
IL London

“Life is full of surprises our baby is here, the therapy we had certainly helped make it happen, against all the odds, thank you”
CM Surrey