Hypnosis and counselling help so many overcome their anxieties gaining control of their lives and so much more, with unique adapted treatments for you the therapy can really help. Exploring your behaviours, patterns and triggers gives you the control.

Phobias and panic can be lessened and controlled with certain techniques gained over time with the therapeutic process that you can learn and use for now and in the future.

Depression is a difficult issues with many levels and circumstances we can explore the best approach for you, giving you time to discuss and think.

Areas that can be helped include with many others-

Generalised anxiety
Dental, medical phobias and fears (Please go to Dental area under hypnotherapy)
Various panic disorders
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Fears (of flying, driving test, exams, Interviews)


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Please look at the self-help area, to start helping yourself today, until we can meet.