Therapy can help fertility issues, totally unique for you this therapy will nurture you and your body, at such an overwhelming all-consuming time, learning to gain deep relaxation is of upmost importance, giving you space to think, ponder and gain inner strength, so your emotions and feelings can be together to help your body cope and deal with what is needed during all processes of treatments.

Infertility, unexplained infertility, conditions which affect you fertile health, to surrogacy, egg donors, male factors, all can benefit from having therapy to gain wellbeing.
Research suggests Infertility stress levels compare to those of patients with HIV and Cancer.

This therapy can help you cope and at any stage in your journey can be beneficial, during investigations, tests, IUI, IVF cycles, egg collection, implantation, the two week wait, results time, complications, preparing for another cycle, surrogacy, early pregnancy, throughout pregnancy through to birth and beyond being in control of your mind and therefore your body gives you greater power and control.

With the struggles we can face such as negative results and pregnancy loss therapy can help with assisting the healing process helping you with your feelings, emotions and enabling you to gain strength.

Focus is so important with all of these issues, having a place to talk, explore and somewhere that can help your anxieties, worries and fears.  By helping you to gain belief and positive thinking, whilst also giving you better control of your thoughts and feelings.  Relaxation encouraging better sleep, a calmer more content you helping your outlook, relationships and work life balance at such difficult times.

Women’s health conditions including menopause and hormonal imbalances can be helped with therapy. (please go to area under hypnotherapy)

Post natal depression has been proven to be lessened by women who have had hypnosis and counselling therapy can really help.

Natal care, birth and post birth is widely known now to be helped with the power of hypnosis and therapy please get in touch with me so we can arrange a plan for you.