Afirmations are sayings we repeat to ourselves that we wish to be true it can really have an impact on our emotions and how we ourselves feel—the meaning of affirmation is to steady and strengthen—
Some you could use are:

“ I love myself, my body and I look after and cherish my body for all it does for me”
“ I can control my thoughts and emotions”
“ I believe it will happen and it will I have strength and an inner belief”
“I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts”- (Louise Hay)

Continuing Counselling and Therapies for current and longer term clients-. Availability for new and previous clients is opened up regularly at our clinics. We will follow the guidance of our professional bodies as to which method types can be used phone, online, walk and talk, face to face the natural environment’s we offer enable support and therapy to continue at a time when it is needed. Uncertainty and this unprecedented time we find ourselves in has impacted us all in some way. Our mental health is an important part of how we will cope through this and the future times ahead. The therapies offered are extra reduced to help those requiring it to access it helping adjustment and adaptability to our new usual. Please get in touch for support specifically or contact one of the many national supporting charities help and ways through this are there. or call 116123

Much care and warmth

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